My New Book



How I Predicted the Global

Economic Crisis*:

The Most Amazing Book

You’ll Never Read

* and the collapse, the housing crash, the banking crisis, the stock market plunge, the length and depth of the current recession, the bankrupting of Fannie and Freddie, Europe’s debt problems, the muni-bond meltdown, a doubling of gold prices and the even bigger world economic crisis yet to come

An introduction to the common sense economics of

John R. Talbot

Think it’s over? If you don’t understand the real causes of the current crisis, it may cost you your job, your savings, your home and your country

This is an introduction to the writings of the best selling author John R. Talbott, a former investment banker for Goldman Sachs and previously a Visiting Scholar at UCLA’s Anderson School.  In his books, Talbott, called an oracle with a track record by Bloomberg News, has accurately predicted every single financial crisis for the last twelve years.  In this book he summarizes what he believes are the key underlying causes of the current crisis and explains why you better understand them if you are to protect your wealth and your family as there is an even bigger crisis coming on the horizon.

In down to earth, easy to understand prose, Talbott relies on excerpts from his previous books along with new exposition to explain to all type readers, not just economists, that it makes little sense to attempt reform of Wall Street as long as the banking industry controls our congress through lobbying and campaign contributions.  You will quickly realize the genius of this straight talking progressive who thinks the biggest crime of this crisis is that no banking executive has been imprisoned.

A must read for serious investors, home owners and anyone interested in understanding how we can get out of this recession and avoid economic crises in the future.  It has been said that if you want to know what people will be talking about years in the future, read Talbott now.

John R. Talbott is the bestselling author of eight books on economics and politics that have accurately detailed and predicted the causes and devastating effects of this entire financial crisis including, in 2003, The Coming Crash in the Housing Market.

In 2004, he correctly identified corporate and banking lobbyists and big money in politics as the major underlying cause of the current crisis with, Where America Went Wrong. In January 2006, he called the absolute peak month of home prices in the US by releasing, Sell Now! The End of the Housing Bubble and warned that the problem was not local, or even national, but international.

In 2008, his book, Contagion: The Financial Epidemic That Is Sweeping the Global Economy predicted the subprime mortgage problem developing in the US would mutate and grow and infect not only prime mortgages, but other markets such as the stock market, commercial real estate, the municipal bond market, as well as threaten the solvency of banks and governments around the globe leading to a very long, deep and painful global recession.

In 2009, The 86 Biggest Lies on Wall Street exposed the ineptness of the government’s response to the crisis and the futility of enacting real reform of Wall Street when Wall Street itself is the biggest lobbyist of our congress.

The media can contact Talbott at as well as anyone who might be interested in discussing possible speaking engagements.

  1. John Brown says:

    Heard you on the George Norey (spelling) radio show and enjoyed listening to your perspective. You indicated a new book… somthing like ” Investing in 1012″? Did I understand it correctly? Do you have a new book out?

    John Brown

  2. Dave West says:

    John…top of this page is his new book….Survival Investing….

  3. John Adams says:

    Having just finished reading Survival Investing and having read dozens of books concerning world economic collapse, I must say that Mr. Talbotts book is the best, most succinct and easy to read of them all. For those new to the topic is should be the first you read. It will whet your appetite for a fuller understanding of the catastrophe we face and explain in plain english how we can attempt to control our personal financial future. I plan to send copies to selected friends I care about. I’d encourage Mr. Talbott to take the next step and address expatriation, global investment and offshore banking in his next writing.

  4. andrew e says:

    Read your book well over ten years ago. I run a real estate (yield based/focused) RE investment co and business buyout co. I would like your thoughts on the upcoming muni bond market and 401k retirement withdrawl/social security payout which all will begin around the same time. Can you comment?

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